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How it works

RADIX Tree works by connecting you with your suppliers and clients on the platform. This provides a live, easy to use record of all your connections' certification information.

Every PEFC certified company's certification information is already on the RADIX Tree database as part of the service GTS provides PEFC. You can get started today with minimal setup time.

2. View 

3. Receive alerts

1. Connect

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Each of these connections represent a Business Relationship on the platform.

A subscription entitles you to connect with the appropriate number of Business Relationships your company needs. To get started you can connect with three businesses free of charge.

Download our FAQs on using RADIX Tree

as an FSC and PEFC certified company.

Download our factsheet for further information on this new service and how we're working with PEFC.

Getting Started on RADIX Tree

Download our user guide to help you get started on RADIX Tree:

  • Signing in and setting up your account
  • Connecting with your suppliers and clients
  • Using the warning system and automated alerts
  • Making use of certificate data for your internal systems

alternative to the FSC OCP for transaction verification and can facilitate your EUTR due diligence. These functionalities are not included in our offer outlined on this page but can be accessed with a full subscription to RADIX Tree. See FAQs for FSC & PEFC Certification above.

Do all my suppliers have to be subscribed to the platform?

When you add a supplier as a Business Relationship they receive an invitation to confirm the connection - just like a social network. Business Relationship must be confirmed before you can view their certification information on the platform.

Both parties must have the appropriate subscription to ensure they can add a new Business Relationship. The first three connections are free without subscription.

Is this mandatory for PEFC certification?

No. This is an additional service for certificate holders 

provided by GTS and PEFC. It is entirely voluntary. 

How do I sign-in to RADIX Tree?

All PEFC certified companies are already represented with an account on RADIX Tree. This means no registration is required to get started.

You sign-in at radix-tree.org using the email address of your company's primary contact with PEFC and the automated password that was sent to that email address as the system was set up.

Use the forgotten password function to receive a new one. If you cannot access the system - because the email address has changed for example - contact us directly: 


My company holds PEFC and FSC certificates, does RADIX Tree offer the same service for checking FSC certificates?

RADIX Tree can provide a further service to holders of other certificates like FSC Chain of Custody. The platform is also an 

Frequently Asked Questions

RADIX Tree also offers additional functionalities: 

  • Real time product traceability and transaction verification  
  • Supply chain mapping  
  • Visualisation of trade flows  
  • Sustainability and compliance reporting  
  • Certification information management  
  • Green House Gas Emission calculations along the supply chain 
  • Tools for consumer communication

About Us

GTS provides businesses with the technology and know-how to improve the sustainability of their supply chains.

RADIX Tree is our global cloud platform for traceability, developed in partnership with industry leaders to meet their sustainability and regulatory requirements. 10,000’s of businesses are now using RADIX Tree to connect and share vital sustainability data about their products.    

Real time product traceability and transaction verification using RADIX Tree

RADIX Tree's additional functionalities are available to all organisations and are not part of the GTS - PEFC service. You can find out more on our website or contact us: 



Sign in to RADIX Tree today and you can connect with up to 3 companies free of charge.

Once ready you can subscribe to additional Business Relationship packages. Fees are set according to the  number of certified companies you seek to connect with on the platform, including all suppliers and clients. 

Please note, these fees are for the PEFC service only. 

Subscription fees can be paid annually

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